DOUBT is by far the BIGGEST cause of most people quitting their dreams in this world. It’s an epidemic that has been in existence since who knows when! It’s one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Doubt comes in multiple flavors, one of which being “COMPARISON”.

The moment doubt creeps inside your head, you gave it permission to walk back in whenever it wants. It’ll make its way into your kitchen, open the fridge, and eat or drink whatever it wants. The sole responsibility of keeping doubt out of your head is yours. You can’t blame it on circumstances, people, environment, NOTHING, because doubt lives everywhere, in everyone, and in everything you come across. In fact, Doubt is relentless in its pursuit to infiltrate your mind and put a stop to your dream!

When it comes to comparison and you comparing yourself to someone else, Doubt will appear to you as a beautiful iceberg tip. Ever notice how you don’t see the rest of it? That’s because it doesn’t want you to see the most important part; the part that makes the tip what it is. The Bummock is where RISKS, FOCUS, GOALS, PERSISTENCE, SACRIFICE, HABITS, HARDWORK, and FAILURES reside. They are what make up and shape the tip! That said, the way to stop doubt from creeping in as comparison, stick submerge your head to see that person’s bummock. Take in its size and all the #work it took to achieve success. Once you see that, you’ll understand that their success didn’t come overnight.


Doubt is a picture that messes with your perception; it’s how it make its way in. Don’t let it.


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