LOONAHTIQ came up from very humble beginnings. Born in Cuba in 1984 and making it to the United States with both parents and sisters in 1992 via a makeshift raft. Not long after, his father, who was a well-known composer, song writer, singer, and performer in Santiago de Cuba abruptly abandoned his family in a foreign country without them knowing the language or their way around. This was the beginning of LOONAHTIQ’s hard knocks street-hustle education. Rather than limit his potential to only street life, LOONAHTIQ took to learning mixing and producing music with fellow Carol City friends (rappers and singers), who didn’t know their way around a keyboard or sampler/sequencer. Although producing music was fun, fun wasn’t paying the bills, but DJing weddings, quinceañeras, sweet sixteens, and corporate parties was. It wasn’t long until a fellow DJ/Friend pointed him in the direction of EDM. House Music and Euro-Dance was on the rise, and as they say, there are no accidents, because not long after that, the same friend asked LOONAHTIQ to temporarily take his spot at a popular South Beach night club while he was away. It was at this time that LOONAHTIQ acquired a taste for Techno. Thanks entirely to a used laptop and a free version of FL Studio, LOONAHTIQ began producing his own tracks to play LIVE, which lead to fans sharing videos of his LIVE Club sets with their friends and their friends who happen to be night club owners in other cities and countries. This was the beginning of what LOONAHTIQ dubs “THE DREAM”.

“Anyone who makes a career off of what they love doing is living “THE DREAM” (period).”



I grew up with two sisters who loved listening to Latin Freestyle music. In fact, there wasn’t a Latin person I knew or didn’t know that loved listening and dancing to Latin Freestyle. I saw and felt what music did to them and me audibly, emotionally & psychologically. Happiness was a state of mind I wanted to reach for years, and as cliché as it may sound, what I couldn’t do for myself, I did for others. I got into the business of HAPPY, and business was good because no one loved what Freestyle did to others more than me. DJing was my Dopamine and Serotonin fix, which was and still is of the utmost importance to me.



I’m a storyteller by nature, and I’m an onion with lots and lots of layers. I also love Epic Stories and write them into music you can dance to; hence Melodic Techno. Melodic Techno’s arpeggiated melodies are as hypnotic as what Freestyle’s syncopated beats were back in the day. For instance, my upcoming first album, “CORA ZONE” (due out 12/02/2023) is about my origin story on this Earth. It’s an epic 9-part melodic techno epic of my ascension to light from dark. It is based on my dark past, mental health/disorders, and how even though my wife saw me, she accepted me, and lead me into the light. This album is dedicated to her.




The LOONAHTIQ Stream began at the tale end of 2020 out of total necessity. My mental health was at an all-time low, and my wife who has 3 different auto-immune diseases, was going through her own anxieties. This is when streaming became a part of my isolated life. I needed the distraction, and there was much to read, learn, and build…

I began my first album in late 2019, but once the pandemic began, things changed, and as a result I threw my passion in the trunk where it remained until recently.

Streaming was great. It allowed for me to meet new people by way of my favorite game, Gears of War. I achieved Affiliate status on Twitch in less than two months. It was fun while it lasted. Although streaming was a necessity, it never turned into a passion.